Can you provide a free quotation?
AWhatever stage of the process you’re at we’re pleased to visit you and knock around ideas before providing you with a complete and thorough quotation that can be revised as often as is required. This is all free of charge and with no obligations.
Will I need planning permission from the council?
A If you are planning a loft conversion, any extension or changes to the external façade of your house, you will almost definitely need either planning permission or permitted development. If your property is listed you’ll also need permission for internal alterations. This is a large subject and worth getting right and something Better Builds can help you with, so please call us to talk it through. You can find out more here
What is the difference between planning permission and permitted development?
APermitted development allows you to undertake minor development without the need to submit a planning application. Many loft conversions and small extensions can be done under ‘permitted development’. There are restrictions to the number of cubic meters you are allowed to extent under permitted development, which can be specific to your type of property. You can talk to Better Builds and we will be able to advise you or research here.
What is the difference between the planning office and building control?
AThe Planning office and Building control are completely separate council departments. The Planning department are concerned with any changes to the external aesthetics of your house and the internal changes to listed buildings, and are responsible for approving your relevant plans with Planning permission. Building Control are only concerned with how things are built. They keep an eye on us builders throughout the process making sure we meet their regulations. Typically your architect will need to be in liaisons with the Planning office, if your project requires it, while Better Builds will be in communication with Building Control.
Will I need to find an architect or can Better Builds take care of the plans as well as the building?
AWe are very happy to work with an architect of your choice. However we ‘re also happy to supply the details of Architects that we’ve shared successful projects with and have enjoyed working with.
Can I look at previous Better Builds projects?
AThere’s nothing more we love than showing off our completed projects and introducing you to our happy customers. We’re also happy for you to meet the team, so we’d love the opportunity to take you to one of our sites to see our work in action.
Can I have my loft converted/house extended in winter?
AIn a nutshell, Yes. There’s no need to wait until summer, as we’ll weatherproof the house while we work on it. Indeed some people prefer us to work on their house in the winter so they can enjoy the garden in summer, free of builders.

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